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Success Stories

Shahnaz Bibi

Shahnaz Bibi is the member of DEEP Foundation’s Group # 2. She has been living in Hakeem Gharhi the area of Sharaqpur from the last 22 years. She is a mother of eight children’s. Her husband has Asthma due to which he often remained sick. He did not work properly but whenever he got better, he did some farming. Due to illness of her husband, they were hand to mouth.
One day a woman of her area told her about DEEP Foundation’s, an organization which was giving the facility of Murabaha (Trade Finance) without usury and she must contact with them.

Shahnaz Bibi and her husband visited DEEP Foundation’s Sharaqpur Branch and share their financial problems and asked what (DEEP Foundation) the organization can do for them. The staff of organization asked do they have any skill but the answer was no. They told about their elder son who was working on “PEECO” and “OVER LOCK” machines with his uncle in Lahore from last 1.5 years. DEEP Foundation provided their son his own machine for Rs. 10, 000 ($ 109), in the first year while working with his uncle (The teacher of PEEKO and Over-Lock). His uncle started giving half income of that machine to Shahnaz’s family and also increased the salary to their son. The financial condition of her house starts growing.  Next year she again took the facility of Murabaha (Trade Finance) from DEEP Foundation and this time their son started his own business in Sharaqpur Bazar. He was provided new models of PEEKO and Over-lock machines by DEEP Foundation for Rs. 20, 000 ($ 217). It increased the income of Shahnaz Bibi’s house and she started saving some money from his son’s income and also started the treatment of her husband. In the third year she again took the facility of Murabaha (Trade Finance) from DEEP Foundation and this time she bought one more Over-lock machine for Rs. 22, 000 ($ 239) and the other son of Shahnaz Bibi started working with his brother.
Now, the financial crises of Shahnaz Bibi’s house have been settled in a big way. She is very happy now. She said that DEEP Foundation strengthen them financially as it provided them the facility of Murabaha (Trade Finance) without usury.

Rani Iftikhar

Rani Iftikhar, a lady of 35 year old, lives in Sharaqpur Village, Tehsil of District Shiekhupura. Her husband had a private business of Machine Embroidery. 7 Year before her husband began to work in a rented shop but shop could not run because of high overhead expenses. She started working after facing severe economic hardship as her husband’s income declined drastically. They borrowed money from some relatives and again purchased Embroidery Machine. Her husband begins to take raw materials and orders from market and they both begin to work at night also. Rani faced financial constraints for expanding there business which had great potential due to established linkages with the market.

When “DEEP” opened branch in Sharaqpur, DEEP met Rani’s working capital requirements after she heard about the institution through an existing member and DEEP purchased an Embroidery Machine for them worth Rs. 10, 000 ($ 115), and now they give machine to a worker at home. Now there income increased and then in Second Trade Cycle, DEEP again purchased additional Embroidery Machine for them for Rs. 20,000 ($ 230). Now she herself cuts and design’s clothes.

Both of them currently able to generate about twice as much income now as they did before, they became DEEP’s member. Both husband and wife are happy on there “Family Empowerment”.


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