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Political Awareness

As Pakistan is a democratic country and to conduct elections is must for sustainable democracy. For the purpose DEEP has done a campaign for 2013 elections so that masses especially women’s who are now fed up from our political system, once again cast vote for the selection of right candidate. Sessions were done in the field & in branch for the women awareness in which awareness was given about their vote casting importance that they comprises half of the nation’s masses and only 20% women are casting vote, which is not good, women should participate in nation’s development by using their right. Rights based approach and effective public policy for the poor communities is only possible, if these illiterate communities are aware about their rights. Besides social and economic development, awareness on political issues is important for the communities. This is only possible through capacity building and awareness raising about politics.

DEEP implemented different political awareness raising projects. Different workshops were arranged on political issues by the capacity building of women. For the purpose of awareness raising firstly women were asked different questions about elections and casting votes and problem was found that most of the women were not casting vote so the strategy was made for giving them awareness by using different procedures.

Who are target

All targeted DEEP community along with other educated and working women of the area are getting benefit from the campaign. 3399016153855

Direct beneficiaries & indirect beneficiaries







Direct Beneficiaries





Indirect Beneficiaries





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